about us

i wish there were sofalympics because i'd win. NOBODY knows more about them than i do. i love couches. i study couches. i love when a couch is a fresh new play on an old theme, an homage to a classic, a truly original design or even a completely un-assuming family room design that quietly does its job year after year like a loyal hoodie. i've been doing this for four years now and here's where's my head's at. here's what i believe and how my store will be run....
i believe in American construction and EVERY sofa we build is currently built in California. we don't sell seating from China because America would be better off with more American manufacturing.
i believe in a solid frame to pad with foam and wrap with fabric. we use 100% Northwest Weyerhaeuser Alder for our main line. you will not find soft woods like pine. soft woods make for a lighter, more flexy frame, and you won't find them here.
i believe in cushions that won't look like a pancake in 6 months. lightning fast cushion compression is the number one complaint i see on the reviews for mid market sofas. it's totally worth the money to use a hefty cushion with more foam and less air. so we do. our foam is truly commercial grade. come lift a cushion off one of our best selling Denmark sofas.  it will be noticeably heavier than at our competitors.  
i believe in choice. i carry a TON of fabrics and the biggest selection of leathers of any store in the city. any business consultant would tell me to streamline my selection of fabrics because the more covers i carry, the more inefficient and clunky acquiring them is. why do you think Crate and Barrel tries to push you into one fabric in six colors? but i won't trim it down. i'm pathological like that. when someone asks me for a caramel distressed leather i want to pull out a half dozen. when someone wants velvet i want to show them more kinds than they ever thought existed. i believe in choices like buttons or no buttons, piping or baseball stitch, soft seating or firm. metal legs or wood. i believe in giving you a sectional at exactly 109x97 if that's what's going to fill up the nook in your basement. and i believe in doing it at a mid market price point.
finally, i believe in customer service. if there's an issue i take care of it. i want to be selling sofas 15 years from now. you don't get to do that if you're coming up with excuses instead of taking care of customers.